Promoter Group Entities
Group of Companies
Manappuram Finance Limited is promoted by Mr.V.P.Nandakumar and is registered with Reserve Bank of India as a Non Banking Finance Company. The other companies / entities owned or controlled by Mr.V.P.Nandakumar are given below:-
  • Manappuram Asset Finance Limited
  • Maben Nidhi Limited (Formerly Manappuram Benefit Fund Limited)
  • Manappuram Health Care Limited
  • Manappuram Jewellers Limited
  • Manappuram Chits India Limited
  • Manappuram Chits Company (Karnataka) Private Limited
  • Manappuram Chit Funds Company Private Limited
  • Manappuram Comtech and Consultants Private Limited
  • Manappuram Construction and Properties Private Limited
  • Manappuram Chits Andhra Private Limited
  • Manappuram Agro Farms Limited
  • Manappuram Foundation
  • Manappuram Chits India
  • Manappuram Travels
Manappuram Finance Limited does not have any equity or other interest in any of the companies / entities owned or controlled by promoters mentioned above.
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