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October 27, 2016 | posted in Social Services | posted by : Manappuram Finance
The Club was inaugurated on March 8th 2016 by our Hon’ble MD & CEO in the presence of Smt. Subhashini Teacher, Block Panchyath President, and Smt. Sushama Nandakumar, Managing Director of Manappuram Jewellers Ltd. and Patron of the Club.

On June 5th, we celebrated “World Environmental Day” by planting trees at Vidhya Vilasam UP School, Palliprom.  An awareness class on the subject of “Importance of Environmental Protection” was given to the students of the School. On 24th Sept., the Club partnered IMA Thrissur for a blood donation camp.  While we could mobilize 115 members for blood donation, only 50 donors were accepted due to technical constraints.  The next programme of the Club was a training session on Team Building. A total of 85 members participated in the training.  The entire team learned and enjoyed the training successfully.
World Environment Day observed

A training programme on team building

October 1st was a special day for the Smt. Sarojini Padmanabhan Women’s Club. The team was very enthusiastic about going to the “Pakal Veedu” at Thalikulam.  Despite it being a working day, they could find time to go to the Pakal Veedu. The club members utilised the opportunity to meet the elderly people at Pakal Veedu and get to know them.  They spent some time with them at Lunch Break. There was a musical performance by Ms. Sunitha, Aiswarya and Remya.  Their performance seemed to have some therapeutic effects on their minds and bodies as some of them sang along and some even danced with the team. 

Afterwards, the senior most among them cut a cake and it was shared among. We realized how the magic of kind words works on elderly people. Some of our members sat with them, held their hands, or put an affectionate arm over their shoulders... We recognized the warmth behind the wrinkled faces and hands....  Yes... they seemed happy with the love and affection conveyed by the team which they had perhaps been missing for years now.  We saw sparkles of cheer and vivid feelings on their worn out faces....we saw the tears of happiness that rolled down their faces.    There are no words to explain their feelings of warmth... we were lucky to see it for ourselves and wish more people would experience this.

International Elderly Peoples’ Day celebrated at the Pakal Veedu in Thalikulam

Our second engagement on this day was to honour the elderly parents of our women employees.  Usually we go to our friends’ homes for a marriage or their kids’ birthdays or to express condolences etc. But when we go specifically to see their aged parents, the experience is different as we found out on the International Elderly Peoples’ day, 1st October 2016.  A special thanks to Shini T.S. (Civil Dept) and family for the opportunity given to the Women’s Club to come over and meet her elderly in-laws (aged 85 and 76). They were pleasantly surprised to meet their daughter-in-law’s friends from work. They acknowledged the gesture as a very special moment in their life and we felt gratified.

Finally, we all went for a picnic on 9th October.  The unique feature of the picnic was that we were all female employees accompanied by our kids and we went to Kalady Sree Sankara Acharya Sthoopam, Kodanad Elephant Camp, Poru Water Falls and the Cherai Beach. We were a group of 70 persons including kids.  It was a wonderful trip and all the kids had a blast.

Sushama Vijayan
AGM and Club Secretary   
Club members pose in front of the
​Kalady SreeSankara Acharya Sthoopam

Blood donation camp at HO
on September 24, 2016

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