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Can online gold loans cater for your emergency needs?

August 14, 2021 | posted in News | posted by : Manappuram Finance
Life is a complex puzzle! It can put you in tough situations or difficult hurdles on the way. Many a time, money might be required to resolve the issue. Obtaining financial support from banks or NBFCs may not be easy during such a scenario. You will be presented with many complex formalities for the approval of loans.
Even after the submission of all the documents, the loan approval process would take its course. The lender would examine your credit history and credit score, the details of the guarantor, the asset you own, and other exclusive factors. It may also happen that the bank or the financer rejects your loan application, putting you in a kind of stalemate.
An online loan against gold, commonly known as an online gold loan (OGL), is the way to avoid such intricacies and uncertainties. A gold loan would not need a guarantor, a good credit score, or extensive documentation. The loan would solely depend on the gold asset pledged by the borrower. It will fetch you money depending on the value of gold. Further, the interest rate on gold loans is much lower than personal and business loans.
Going a step forward, Manappuram Finance has introduced an online gold loan facility. Yes, now you don’t have to go to the branch physically to receive funds against gold. You can apply for a gold loan sitting in the comfort of your home, any day, any time. And receive the money directly in your savings bank account.
To put it directly, the online gold loan caters to your emergency needs effectively. Offering the lowest gold loan interest rate, this loan is the best loan option for anyone in need of prompt financial assistance.
Online gold loan offers several advantages to the borrower, besides being the fastest one to get hold of. We take a look at the attributes that make online gold loans the best finance option, besides being the one that caters to emergency needs.
Why an Online Gold loan is the Best Option for Emergency Financial Needs?
The pioneers in online gold loans, Manappuram Finance pledges to serve the clients optimally. Our focus has always been to provide the ideal support to the customers, to meet the financial requirements without any conundrums.
Instant Loan – Online gold loan is an instant loan facility. The customer can apply for the loan through the website or the custom-designed mobile app and receive the money instantly. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about your financial needs even during late hours. Furthermore, we offer the lowest gold loan interest rate.
Easy Procedure – Just go to the Manappuram Finance branch near you, fill out the form with details regarding the gold jewelry and your personal details and keep the gold in the branch locker. Once you have completed this process, you can enroll for an online gold loan anytime you want. Then, just apply for a loan against gold as and when the requirement arises. The gold loan rate would directly depend on the value of the gold on that specific day. All the gold held in our branches is fully insured, besides ensuring stringent security measures 24x7. Trust us; your gold is safe with us.
Apply from Anywhere – Unlike other types of loans, you don’t have to arrive physically for online gold loans. This makes it the right decision to opt for online gold loans. One can apply even on the move or from any location, using the exclusively designed mobile app, making online gold loans a preferable choice for meeting requirements during unfortunate events and unforeseen incidents.
Safety of Gold – The gold ornaments would be in the safe-lock facility offered by Manappuram Finance. In this era of rising crimes and burglary, it is an advisable option to keep the gold in secured lockers. The vigilant security team, innovative surveillance solutions, and state-of-the-art locker room make it impossible for the thieves to break in. Also, the gold held with us is insured against theft, fire, natural calamities, and other unfortunate events. Isn’t it a good idea to safe keep the gold, as well as be in a position to obtain money when required, at the lowest interest rate on gold.
The Benefits of Online Gold loans
Online gold loans can be a lifesaver during dire financial needs. Without the unwarranted formalities and cumbersome processing, it would provide you the money to meet the requirement. Loan against gold has been on the rise for the past several years owing to the benefits it offers the borrower.
Low Interest Rate – You might be surprised to know that the interest rate on gold is lower than many other types of loans. People have been nurturing the misconception for years that the gold loan interest rate is very high. You may contact us to know the present rate of interest on gold loans. Furthermore, we assure you that currently we offer the lowest gold loan interest rate.
Value for Gold – The Reserve Bank of India authorizes approving gold loans up to 75% of the value of the gold pledged. The main point here is that the approved loan would be based on the current price of gold in the market, even if the gold you mortgage is several years old. This is an important aspect to note about a loan against gold.
Safety of the Gold – Your gold is safe in the safe-keep lockers of our branch for the period you want. We have 24x7 security and comprehensive insurance coverage for the gold pledged with us.
Simple Documentation – Forget the hassles you face while applying for loans like a personal loan or business loan. The online gold loan facility has minimal documentation. The entire formality would be completed in a matter of minutes. Online gold loan offers the easiest financial assistance, besides providing the lowest gold loan interest rate.
Repayment Options – A gold loan might be the only loan option, wherein the debtor can choose how to repay it. Select the right one from the multiple repayment options. Thereby, reduce the possibilities of needless financial burden owing to the loan. You will not be paying much interest rate on gold when you choose Manappuram Finance.
Eligibility Criteria – The list of eligibility conditions is the deterring factor in the case of loans including personal loans and business loans. Credit history, credit score, guarantor details, the asset you possess, the monthly salary, etc. can put you in a fix. The online gold loan doesn’t have such intricate eligibility conditions. You can get financial assistance through a loan against gold, at the lowest gold loan interest rate, from Manappuram Finance.  
The Tail End
Manappuram Finance gained customers’ trust over the years, by delivering committed services, at low interest rates.
You can visit the Manappuram Finance branch near you to discuss regarding online gold loan facility, the benefits offered by it, and other relevant aspects. Our executives will help you understand the hassle-free procedure and aid you in enrolling for the online gold loan. It would be the best method to reach financial independence and obtain funds in case of emergency needs.
To know more, contact us now.

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