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MAFIL gives ample opportunities to exhibit your potential skills and knowledge that will enhance your career growth. We do not put you in training before you are posted but we post you on the job and train you on the job and make you effective performer thereby ensuring your growth at a faster pace.

At MANAPPURAM, we believe in offering a long term career to our employees. For the right candidates, MANAPPURAM is a step in the right direction. Our domain is vast and offers ample opportunities for you to distinguish yourself and get recognised.

We at MANAPPURAM believe in the vast potential of human capital, be it a child, adult or old, this is what we have in mind for you. Our countrywide network and offices, multiple business verticals, fully owned subsidiaries etc. offers ample opportunities for you to grow.

In short, we offer the right environment for Professional growth, thus we are the preferred Employer

Join our Team at Manappuram. And count on us to deliver on your career aspirations.

Who Are We?

We are a company with humble beginnings that has stayed true to its roots.

Manappuram Finance Limited is the first corporate entity to enter the gold loans business and went on to create ripples in India’s wider financial sector. We are India’s first gold loan company to be listed in the stock market and the first to be credit rated. We take credit for having modernised a very traditional activity, introducing professionalism, technology and modern management practices to age-old practices. Not surprisingly, we have the status of pioneers in the business.

Our origins dates back to 1949 when Manappuram was founded in Valapad (a coastal village in the Thrissur District of Kerala) by the late V.C. Padmanabhan. For a long time, the firm remained a single branch business dealing in pawn broking and money lending on a modest scale. Thanks to the integrity and foresight of our Founder, even in those days Manappuram had acquired a reputation as solid as of a bank. To the people of this area, Manappuram is the safe place to lodge their money.

In 1986, Shri V.P. Nandakumar took over the reins of this one Branch business upon the death of his father. Since then, the story of Manappuram has been witnessing remarkable growth touching new milestones year on year. Manappuram Finance Ltd. was incorporated in 1992 and is recognised today as a leading national player in its core activity of gold loans. We have a nationwide presence through 3,747 branches across 28 states and UTs. Our Assets under Management (AUM) exceed Rs.13,000 crores and our workforce is about 19,000 strong.

Working at Manappuram Finance LTD

Manappuram is a different kind of work experience... we are a diverse and talented lot, passionate about what we do.

There are challenges to test your mettle every day, and frankly, we expect our people to raise to the occasion. We take on board people who bring focus and commitment to their work, and who are willing to walk extra mile to deliver results.

Our fast growing business provides excellent opportunities for you to put your knowledge and skills to work. We encourage our future leaders to innovate and to think creatively. We are now on a mission to foster diversity in the workplace in keeping in mind our national profile.

We believe that people give their best at work when they have a stake in the outcome, when they have share in the outcome. That was how we became perhaps the first company in Kerala to offer lucrative ESOPs to all deserving employees who remain for long-term career building.. We sponsor employees for an MBA/BBA programme of repute. In fact, our values are rooted in ethics and transparency, in the idea that success must be shared with all our stakeholders.

Work with Manappuram is enriching in terms of career, skill and competency enhancement along with growth it offers.

If you have mostly ticks and not crosses, you might want to check out our current openings.

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