Manappuram Finance Limited, has in recent years, emerged as a leading non-banking financial company (NBFC) in India under the stewardship of Shri V.P. Nandakumar, MD & CEO of the Company.

Mission, Vision and Values


Our purpose is to bring convenience to the lives of the ordinary people of India, to "make life easy" for them. We provide them with "instant" credit at reasonable rates of interest against their used gold jewellery to enable them to meet their requirements for short term funds.


Our enduring vision is to energise the vast stock of privately held gold in India. India's households own about 18,000 tons of gold, the equivalent of two thirds of the country's GDP, of which hardly 10 percent is monetised. We hope to unlock the value of this gold to the benefit of the common people of India most of whom have savings in the form of gold jewellery.

Our Core Values

Customer is all-important

Our products aim at delivering value to the customer. No matter what his economic status is, we believe that time is precious and everyone is entitled to courtesy and prompt service with high levels of transparency.

No compromise on Integrity

We set great store by ethical values and practices in all our dealing. We believe in transparency and in following the laws of the land without ambiguity. We value the contributions of all our stakeholders and we take special pride in recognising those contributions.

Cutting edge technology

As a pioneer in the introduction of technology into the gold loan sector, we believe in constantly updating our technology to keep our costs low and deliver better service for our customers. We have standardised our processes to allow us better and more cost effective access to our customers. And we believe in fostering innovation to deliver ever greater value to our customers.