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Is Gold Loan a Good Option for Fast Cash ?

August 02, 2022 | posted in News | posted by : Manappuram Finance

Is Gold Loan a Good Option for Fast Cash?

Gold is one of the most valued commodities in all of human history and it still stays on top with its market value. Many individuals, however, are unaware that a gold loan per gram of the oaments you own could be used to meet critical monetary needs.

Banks and NBFCs provide money through various loan arrangements, though, a loan depending on todays gold loan rate is the fastest compared to the processing periods and prerequisites to acquire other kinds of loans.

Many people who need money opt for possibilities such as gold loan per gram of gold in any of its different forms, which also, similar to Personal Loans, offer swift payments and adjustability.

Gold loan and Personal loan

Personal loans are perfect for meeting relatively brief financial needs. Many people believe a personal loan to be a more common alteative for covering any immediate financial need, particularly in the case of crises and unforeseen events like immediate travel expenses and more.
Gold loans per gram of gold you have are loans that enable you to maintain your actual gold in the form of jewellery or coins as security for the funds you desire from a lender. The process of acquiring a gold loan includes calculation of todays gold loan rate along with the interest they offer for gold regarding different arrangements.

Why Gold Loan is the better option for fast cash?

There are several reasons for an individual to get a loan for today's gold loan rate from any of NBFCs and banks. Throughout this discussion, we'll go over some of the benefits of taking out a gold loan per gram of what you have as oaments, coins, etc, and why people should take benefit of them.

Fast processing

Physical gold is required as security to acquire gold loans per gram of what you have to offer as collateral. Banks and other organisations like non-banking financial companies are more than willing to lend individuals money considering the market value and the interest rate they offer the service.

Giving loans using gold as security is a safer alteative for credit intermediaries because, in the event of defaulting the repayments, the institutions have the advantage of quickly selling or auctioning the gold on the marketplace to recover their funds regarding todays gold loan rate per gram among the market.
As a result, banks usually release these loans within the next few hours. As an outcome, queues are reduced, giving borrowers more ease.

No need for a credit history

The money provided by banks and NBFCs is most often determined by the applicants' capacity to repay the debt of gold loan per gram of what they provided to the lender along with the interest and their credit score. You wouldn't have to bother over having a good credit score when it comes to acquiring a gold loan per gram of gold you provide because banks and NBFCs don't look at your credit rating.

While getting a loan for todays gold loan rate, you usually don't have to disclose any previous loans or financial responsibilities.

Safety of the collateral

The gold you provide to the moneylender as the collateral in a gold loan will be kept safe in its actual form for you to take it back after completing all the payments including the gold loan interest. NBFCs and banks will provide you money for the gold you have after considering todays gold loan rate across the market and different other aspects.

The safety of collaterals could be a conce for many in different kinds of personal loans. In a gold loan, the lender will keep the gold inside a partnered bank safe with the utmost protection. The bank releases the gold when a borrower repays the gold loan per gram they got from the lender.

Pay Interest Only” Option to repay the loan

Gold loans sometimes have a distinctive clause allowing the borrower to settle the debt by paying only the interest amount of the total loan amount while repaying it. In this arrangement, the borrower is not required to pay the loan amount until the interest has been paid off.
Here, the main payment is made after the loan's requirements are completed. Some loan providers offer gold loans based on todays gold loan rate, with a time extension for students to repay the principal amount once they start working.

Zero processing fees in gold loan

Many NBFCs and banks do not ask for any processing fee from the borrower while providing them with a gold loan per gram of what they offer as collateral. Non-Banking Financial Companies like Manappuram Finance offer free doorstep service in gold loans in all major cities across India.
No income proof requiredBecause the loan is secured against the gold promised by the borrower, generally gold loan lending institutions do not ask for evidence of income. The security and credibility of the borrower in this circumstance will be the gold they provide as collateral and the gold loan rate per gram.

Who can get a Gold Loan?

Anyone with gold, on the other hand, could acquire a gold loan according to todays gold loan rate. 
You can acquire a gold loan if you are an Indian citizen who works as a paid employee, an entrepreneur, a homemaker, or maybe even an agriculturist.
Although your credit history is poor, you can take loans if you have sufficient gold to put money in a trust.


Taking a gold loan considering todays gold loan rate is regarded as a secure investment. Physical gold may not be worth much or at all, but creditors can utilize gold loans to cover a variety of expenses. If a consumer can repay the debt in a shorter period of time, a gold loan may be a good alteative than a bank loan. The gold loan per gram of gold is higher and the borrower can enjoy a cheaper rate of interest as well.

You can acquire an immediate personal loan if you have no credit score and need money right away without putting up any collateral. At the same time, being a salaried individual who meets the qualifying requirements and owns actual gold, a gold loan may be the ideal solution for you.

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