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Gold loan now just a click away: Manappuram Finance, CTO

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Manappuram Finance has introduced a mobile application, “Online Gold Loan” which provides immediate gold loan 24X7.

The industry-first service is available for the customers who have already deposited their gold on a permanent basis with Mannappuram Finance, for the safety issues. Then the customer has the liberty to apply for a loan on the deposited gold through the mobile app and online portal, as in when the customer wants. Just on a click, the money gets immediately deposited to their bank account.

The in-house mobile application is built on hybrid technology which is connected to the internal database. It is accessible on android devices and available on Google Play Store. The customer needs to register with a username and password.

The customers need not to physically visit any branch for loans, no application required. Mohan Vizahakat, CTO, Manappuram Finance said “It addresses the society who otherwise does not take credit cards, banks don’t consider them as credit worthy and will revolutionize the gold loan. Through Online gold loan, money can be transferred with no waiting time across the country and now we are building a new version, professional app.”