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Gold Loan Rebate Scheme - Best way to get discount on interest

November 30, 2020 | posted in News | posted by : Manappuram Finance
In recent years,  gold loan companies have rapidly expanded their branch network across the northern and eastern states of the country.

Moving ahead, these companies are set to leverage their current branch network and infrastructure to maximize customer outreach.

Even the most adverse periods in recent history have not been without its opportunities and prospects for improvement. Do not allow these possibilities to pass you by just because of a financial constraint. 

Manappuram finance provides you with easy gold loans available to you from the comfort of your home. The Online Gold Loan App and the Doorstep Gold Loan App help you attain your goals when every other path appears closed. Your idle gold is put to use and you can go take advantage of the opportunity you have spotted. 

Manappuram online gold loan is the perfect solution for your financial needs. You can avail a gold loan whenever you need funds for education, business expansion, purchase of property or an automobile, medical emergency,  agricultural needs and so on.

Key features are 
  • Instant gold loan at your doorstep
  • Highest loan to value
  • Quick & easy documentation
  • Flexible repayment
  • Safe lock facility
  • Insurance coverage

Besides, Manappuram Finance provides attractive offers and rebates on interest payments for online users. Customers can use Manappuram Online Gold Loan (OGL) App and renew their loan twice in a week to get guaranteed savings of 50% on your interest payments. Indeed, the Manappuram Gold Loan rebate scheme is most advantageous for you.

Existing customers of Manappuram Gold Loan who registered with their mobile app OGL will get an attractive interest rate rebate when they repledge their ornaments via online mode. The interest rebate is based on the frequency of such repledges, as given below;
  • 4 repledges in every 15 days from the inventory created date get a rebate amount of an effective interest rate of 12% p.a. (B.L. 9.9%)
  • 3 repledges in every 15 days from the inventory created date get 4% interest rebate
  • 2 repledges in every 15 days from the inventory created date get 2% interest rebate
  • 2 repledges in every 30 days from the inventory created date (1st repledge must be in 1st 15 days and next repledge after that) get 1.5 % interest rebate
  • 1 repledge in every 30 days from the inventory created date gets 1% interest rebate

Manappuram Finance Limited offers assured discounts on gold loan interest rates to its customers across all branches and locations in India. 

With a range of loans and services, Manappuram Finance is the frontrunner among the gold loan NBFCs. With gold prices at an all-time high, a gold loan from Manappuram Finance is just right for you.

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