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Charges on Gold Loans

(*) is + taxes as applicable  

Postage Charges
 Letter type and charges for intimation letters.
Notice Date Letter Type Charge
Due date intimation 15 days prior to maturity Ordinary Rs.10 *
Auction intimation after Maturity Registered Rs.30 *

 Advertisement Charge-Auction intimtaion
In Karnataka State Rs.175 *
Rest of Pan India Rs.50 *
 Delivery of gold against lost pawn ticket
 First Instance  Rs.75
 Subsequent Instance  Rs.100
 Statement of accounts
 Within 30 days of closure  NIL
 After 30 days of closure  Rs.25
 Stamp duty
Rajasthan State Karnataka State Other than Rajasthan & Karnataka State
 Pledge Value less than or equal to Rs.1 lakh 0.1% of pledge value NIL NIL
 Pledge Value above 1 lakh to 10 lakhs 0.1% of pledge value 0.1% of pledge value NIL
Pledge Value above 10 lakhs 0.1% of pledge value 0.2% of pledge value NIL
 Gold Processing Charge
 At the time of Loan Settlement  Rs. 10/- * (Rupees Ten only)
Additional Processing Fee on Repledge 0.07%* of New Pledge Value
 Custody Charge for Nil Balance Accounts
Upto 180 days Rs. 2
After 180 days Rs. 100 plus proportionate additional charge for each day thereafter.