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Manappuram Finance launches video conferencing facility

Monday, November 23, 2015
Kochi, Nov 23: Manappuram Finance Ltd has launched an extensive hi-definition video-conferencing facility that will eventually connect its head office at Valapad and corporate office annexe at Mumbai with all its 31 regional offices. The company’s newly established Manappuram Centre for Innovation and Excellence at Bengaluru is also a part of this network.

V P Nandakumar, Managing Director & CEO, said that the new initiative would enable regular two-way communication between the management and the ground level functionaries essential for maintaining competitive edge in the market. In the fast changing world of information technology, it is imperative that the management of the company remained constantly in contact with ground level employees.

Through the video conferencing facility, the company expects to carry out a wide range of tasks like review meetings, interviews, product launches, training programmes etc. The first phase of the launch covers 22 major locations in the country, he said.