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Online Gold Loan (OGL) Concept & App

November 19, 2020 | posted in News | posted by : Manappuram Finance
Nothing less than revolutionary - this is how we prefer to describe the new Online Gold Loan (OGL) app from Manappuram Finance Limited. We have leveraged technology and our safelock feature efficiently to come up with this unique and novel service. The Online Gold loan (OGL) app allows you to avail gold loans anytime from any nook and corner of the world.
How does OGL work?

Our customers’ ease and convenience have always been our topmost priority. The purpose of the OGL platform is in line with this priority as it is designed to add to your ease. All it takes are three simple steps to avail your online gold loan on the app.
•        Locate your nearest Manappuram finance branch and safelock your gold ornaments there. You can locate our branches using the OGL app.
•        Register for online gold service and link your savings bank account
•        Use Manappuram OGL mobile app or our website and get the loan amount credited to your account.
The benefits of Online Gold Loan (OGL)

Except for the initial visit, you will never have to visit our branch to access your gold loan. In fact you won’t even have to step outdoors. Access gold loans from anywhere and anytime from the comfort of your home using the OGL app.
Your gold becomes eligible for a free insurance cover when you go for the online gold loan using the OGL app, which is an added advantage.
With easy documentation, instant approval and 24X7 online repayment facilities available, gold loans can't get more convenient than this. While paperless transactions become the norm with the OGL mobile app, the whole loan process also becomes hassle-free.
OGL assures 100 percent transparency and does not incur any hidden charges. What is more, you also get your gold in safe custody for free.
More benefits

Applying via the OGL app, you could avail loans up to 1.5 crores and you only have to pay the interest for the exact number of days. Tackle your liquidity crunch with ease while being assured about the safety and security of your gold jewellery.
The special rebate

As OGL registered customers, you could avail attractive interest rate rebates of 1% to 14.50%. All you have to do is repledge via online mode in BL/PL/SX schemes. The rebate rates do differ based on the repledge frequency. Here is a quick rundown:
4 repledges in every 15 days from the inventory created date - Effective Interest Rate of 12% (BL-9.9%) 
3 repledges in every 15 days from the inventory created date - 5% interest Rebate (BL- 6%) 
2 repledges in every 15 days from the inventory created date - 3% interest Rebate (PL-2.5%, BL-4%) 
2 repledges in every 30 days from the inventory created date (1st repledge in 1-15 days & next repledge in 16-30 days) - 2% interest Rebate (PL-1.5%) 
1 repledge in every 30 days from the inventory created date - 1% interest RebateConditions apply.
The Manappuram OGL app helps you avail of a gold loan anywhere and anytime. The app comes handy in locating the nearest Manappuram branch, pay interest or to check your account statement. The app is available for download from Playstore. Start using it now and become a part of the digital revolution.

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