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Things to Consider When Taking a Gold Loan

July 06, 2021 | posted in News | posted by : Manappuram Finance
Gold loan remains the top option for meeting financial requirements on short notice. Imagine how tiresome it would be to arrange all the documents, observe the complex loan approval process and plead to bank officials for early sanction of loan.  None of us would like to get into such complications when in dire need of money. Gold loan is the savior during such circumstances.
Manappuram has been serving the customers with instant loan approval that would help them to meet the fund requirements without any delay. We also have an online loan application process that the borrower can pursue from home. To extend credible support to our clients, we offer the highest gold loan rate per gram providing the value for the gold asset and the lowest interest rate among the NDFCs.
Isn’t it great to get a loan at the best interest rate besides gaining maximum value for the gold you mortgage?
What are the Things to Consider Whilst Taking a Gold Loan?
People may not think much when they apply for a gold loan. The requirement of money would be so high that they won’t be having the time or energy to look into the varying aspects. They would realize the mistake only when it is time to repay the loan. Here we are elaborating the factors one must look into, before choosing the finance firm for the loan.
1.         Highest Gold Loan Rate Per Gram
Gaining the right value for your gold asset is vital. The highest gold loan rate per gram would help one mortgage comparatively less gold for receiving a high amount. The gold valuation may differ depending on the NBFC or the bank chosen. Manappuram is known for best highest gold loan rate per gram.
2.         Lowest Rate of Interest on Gold Loan
As known to all, the interest rate on gold loans would depend on the finance firm or the bank. People may not have the patience to check the gold loan interest rate at the last moment. They may consider the first NBFC they find for obtaining the loan. The higher rate of interest can put an excessive financial burden on the individual. The firm offering the lowest rate of interest on the gold loan should be considered for financing needs.
3.         Repayment Options
The repayment option is another factor one must confirm, besides the lowest rate of interest on the gold loan and the highest gold loan rate per gram. We offer different repayment options for our clients to choose from. It helps the borrowers to repay the loan amount without any hassles.
4.         Convenient Loan Application
Along with the best gold loan interest rate and best gold loan rate per gram, the convenient application procedure is what makes us the most preferable gold loan providers. In fact, the borrowers must be aware of the comfortable gold loan application processes existing nowadays. The customers can apply for a gold loan sitting in the comfort of their homes. Online gold loan applications are offered by reliable NBFCs. Make use of this convenience and avoid the long queues and excessive waiting at the finance firms.
Highlights of Manappuram Finance
Our exclusive highlights include:
·         13 gold loan schemes for the customers to choose from. Select the most convenient one.
·         Higher loan amount compared to other NDFCs and banks. We offer great value to the gold ornament, based on the purity of the gold.
·         No guarantor required for gold loan approval from us. One can simply apply for the loan, mortgage the requite gold, and get it approved without any obstacles.
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