Manappuram: Trust Etched in Gold

Friday, December 14, 2018
Destination Kerala
Thrissur: Imagine this. Sixty-eight tonnes of gold, the estimated value of which comes to around Rs. 19,000 crores, kept in 3300-plus branch lockers across the country and handled by over 18,000 employees!
But for someone who holds the custody of such a massive asset, there wasn’t the faintest hint of tension on his face. He was uber cool personified! For the nearly three hours that we spent with V P Nandakumar at his corporate office at Valapad, a small village en route to Guruvayur – better known as the hometown of Manappuram Finance Limited (MAFIL) now – not once did his attention waver. Forget attending phone calls, he hardly stole a glance at his mobile phone during the entire conversation.
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