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Principal Nodal Officers

Principal Nodal Officer Name Contact Number Email ID PNO / NO Zone
ARUN KUMAR C A 9389902402 [email protected] PNO Kanpur
SHREEDHARA NAIKA K 9330014904 [email protected] PNO Kolkata
KARTHICK.G 9379073169 [email protected] PNO Bangalore
RAJU DAS 9387606006 [email protected] PNO Trivandrum
NITHIN V P 9508761030 [email protected] PNO Guwahati
KISHOR ASHOK 9375784666 [email protected] PNO Ahammedabad
M RAMANJULA REDDY 9746118005 [email protected] PNO Chandigarh
PAPPALA APPALANAIDU 9508777750 [email protected] PNO Patana
SHADULLA MOHAMMAD 9391460155 [email protected] PNO Hyderabad
MURUGAN B 9314374700 [email protected] PNO Jaipur
SHARMA KAPILDEV RAMESH 9303403377 [email protected] PNO Bhopal
DIPU P 9373434233 [email protected] PNO Mumbai
JEROME I 7994355579 [email protected] PNO Mumbai
JAYAPRASAD K.J 9380314855 [email protected] PNO Chennai
SHEKAR GORATI 7428840088 [email protected] PNO Delhi
PALLE VEERA MOHAN REDDY 9371764379 [email protected] PNO Mumbai
GIRISHA 7356111945 [email protected] PNO Chandigarh
VIPIN GS 9349311117 [email protected] PNO HO (Head Office Valapad)