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Smart Ways to Use Your Gold Jewellery for Instant Loan

August 01, 2022 | posted in News | posted by : Manappuram Finance
Smart Ways to Use Your Gold Jewellery for Instant Loan

People face money problems due to one or many reasons in personal life and work. You might be worried about the money you don't have to start that dream business or the unexpected medical emergency or anything else that is incorporated with money.

In such circumstances, gold comes in useful by becoming the perfect option to swap it with money at the possible lowest gold loan interest rate available. Being crushed by financial insecurity is not a pleasant condition to be in, and this is where instant loans at a feasible gold interest rate could help you.
The worth of gold is loved and appreciated all over the world, either in the manner of bridal jewellery or in any of its forms including gold coin investment. And that makes a valid reason to use gold as an exit door from a financial crisis. One thing that makes an instant loan for gold a better option is its usability in any of your financial needs and the more attractive gold interest rate regarding the scheme you choose.

What is an instant Gold Loan?

Banks and prominent non-banking financial companies like Manappuram offers a secure loan (that you have to pay back in a fixed tenure along with an affordable gold loan interest) by taking in the value of the gold loan rate per gram of the gold you provide. Because of fewer risk factors in this exchange, lenders are more open to providing the loan with a repayment option tailored with a gold interest rate and you are also on the safe end of the transaction due to the fewer obligations and credit-related issues.

How does a gold loan work?

The most fundamental criterion in getting money for gold is having the gold of 18 carats or higher in any of its forms which routes to the amount of gold loan rate per gram you get and the interest rate on gold loan you acquire. Gold is available in the form of coins for investment, jewellery, bars, etc.

An applicant must also submit extra needed papers, such as proof of identification and location, revenue records, and so on, but no credit-related documentation. However, some money lenders in the industry still consider a good credit background as a parameter for the trustworthiness of the borrower to provide them with the lowest gold loan interest rates.

After providing all the required papers and the gold, the evaluators from the company will ensure the purity of the gold you are exchanging for money. You can find the different interest rate on gold loan arrangements according to the gold loan rate per gram across different loan providers. The borrower can choose the best option during the process. By the completion of all transactions, the borrower will be responsible to repay the amount along with the gold loan’s interest as per the agreement.

Are you eligible to get a loan for gold?

There are no limits when it comes to the eligibility to get a gold loan with an interest to repay in India and there are several firms offering money for your jewels at the lowest gold loan interest. However, some standards, including documentation and evidence of various information submitted on behalf of the borrower, must be met. You can contact our experts to know everything including the gold loan rate per gram and gold loan interest rate regarding the current market value of gold.

Being an Indian citizen with gold in hand in any of its forms is the basic requirement to get credit for gold in India. Neither corporations nor NRIs are eligible for a gold-based loan in India. All the documents on personal identity as per the requirement of the lender should be provided along with the address proof.

Another proof a lender needs from the borrower is the salary proof to confirm that they are eligible to pay the money back along with the interest. A salary proof could be a slip from the employer, bank statement, ITR, etc.

Beyond all, the applicant should be aged over 18, which means a minor is not eligible to get a gold loan. Some of the lenders prefer an adequate amount of gold with the borrower to lend them money for it.

Benefits of taking an instant loan for your gold

When you want urgent funds, getting paid for the gold you have is useful and is possible to be arranged without a towering gold interest rate. Let's look at a few of the advantages of getting instant money for lease on gold from Manappuram at the optimum gold loan interest rate.

The endless possibility of using the loan amount

The greatest thing about an instant loan for gold is the limitless possibilities of the loan's primary goal. The cash (gold loan rate per gram) allocated to you can be used to address a variety of financial demands, such as medical emergencies, education, business, and more.

Fast Processing Time

What makes the gold loan interesting from all the things you could trade for money, gold is the most valuable yet fastest method to get money in hand. Money transfer to your account after the verification procedures and interest rate on gold loan calculation will take place in 48 hours.

Fewer Interest rates

What makes it better is that an individual can have the lowest gold loan interest rate schemes compared to other forms of financing, such as personal loans, house loans, bank loans for business, commercial loans, and so on. This makes acquiring money for your gold a much better option compared to all other options you have.

Effortless eligibility criteria

Another benefit of gold oament loans is that, unlike other loan alteatives, it does not require a good credit history or further proof of income. When it comes to these types of money lending options, the credit score that is necessary for any other form of loan is useless. Instead, the amount you get and the interest rate on gold loan will be decided by the gold's current market value and the quantity of gold you put in for a loan.

The change in gold loan rate per gram along with the market value of gold

The rate of gold is changing and it means that the gold you own is worth more than what you spend to buy it. So, by taking a loan when the gold loan rate per gram is high, you have the chance of acquiring a higher loan amount.

More repayment options for the borrower

Not all borrowers are the same. Getting a flexible option for repayment alongside the lowest gold loan interest rate as per the needs of the borrower is an important luxury to have in any loan and getting a loan for your gold can do that for you. By choosing Manappuram, you will be open to the best gold loan rate per gram scheme with different timelines and gold interest rates regarding your requirements.

Pay the Interest option

One of the most appealing features that make a gold loan interesting is that you only have to pay the interest throughout the monthly repayment period, leaving the principal amount of the gold out of the equation. The majority of people pick this choice to keep their financial flow and budget under control. A lease on gold could be personalised with multiple gold interest rate plans which appears to provide a range of extra options to repay the money alongside the interest rate on gold loan regarding the scheme.

Safety of the gold in its physical form

The lender shall be responsible for the gold in its physical state while retuing it after the complete repayment along with the complete gold loan interest from the borrower to the lender. It will be kept secure in the bank until all payments, including the gold interest rate, are made according to the loan arrangement you pick. Manappuram Finance ensures the complete security of collaterals by using ISO-certified gold handling processes.

The gold you provide will be transferred to a partnering bank and will be kept inside a safe lock with 24/7 protection. When it comes to holding gold, banks will take the same safeguards they do with cash as well as other commodities. They hold it in sealed bundles with the bank's associated guardians till the consumer repays the complete loan amount and the interest rate on the loan arrangement they choose. Executives of the bank will always treat gold packages in the safest of ways.

When you can use a Gold loan?

Several reasons out there make borrowing money for gold imperative with the lowest gold loan interest rate for you including medical emergencies, education, business, home, wedding, and more. Let’s take a deeper look into the different events you could use such a loan from a reliable lender.


Healthcare costs are significant and also can occur at any time. It might be through an accident or any other inteal and exteal medical emergency. A loan against gold interest rate is appropriate for these kinds of situations because of its accessibility and immediate availability. You can use the cash to pay for immediate diagnostics, doctor consultations, hospitalisation, and more.


You can use the loan against the gold interest rate for your education needs. The requirements and the interest rate on gold loans might change between different schemes specially crafted for educational financing. However, it is far better considering the obstacles you might have to go through while getting a student loan for further education.

The gold loan rate per gram you can get for your jewels and oaments is the greatest option owing to the simple process of receiving the funds you want. Furthermore, the money has no restrictions on its use. It could be used for anything in your course schedule, including entrance, tuition, travel, and lodging.


Due to the several demands in the loan acquisition method, home loans are one of the most demanding money lending programmes given by banks or any other money lenders. All those hassles could be removed by taking a loan against gold interest rate from a provider offering the best gold loan rate per gram.

It might be building a home or remodelling it into a much better version of it, anything is possible a lot faster through getting a loan for gold.


Obtaining considerable capital to develop a firm foundation for business operations is a typical stumbling block for new and growing businesses including startups. Banking firms place a premium on the history and circulation of a company when evaluating a borrower's reliability to pay back the principal amount and the gold interest rate.

These requirements might not be possible to serve especially by newly founded companies. They fail in getting enough financial aid due to the unavailability of requirements that prove their credibility. A loan for the gold interest rate on the other hand lends the money into your hand for any of your business needs including starting one or expanding one.


Being in a business firm or inside a home, people need appliances that serve purpose and value in their lifestyle. Even while EMIs and other lending options are available across the consumer market, your credit score plays a significant role in the amount of money you may spend on any consumer product, including appliances and electronics.

All those limits do not apply to the money for your gold and the interest rate on gold loan in which the money becomes yours without any kind of limits other than the gold you exchange for it. Taking out a loan over the gold jewellery at the lowest gold loan interest rate will help you receive a large sum of money to acquire the gadgets and appliances you desire.

Wedding and festivities

A wonderful day filled with memories, and a day that marks the beginning of yet another incredible adventure filled with more memories. It's pricey, and if you want it to be very exceptional, it'll cost much more. It is a deal with no profit other than wonderful memories when there are huge events and distinct parties for different groups.

A strong financial base is imperative in a wedding due to all the mentioned points. A gold loan rate per gram provided by an NBFC or a bank is the best option for an individual without another way to find money in this case. This type of credit, which has a large gold loan rate per gram and the lowest gold loan interest rates could help you pay for food service, arrangements, guest housing, and other related expenses.

Gold loan interest rate and timelines

Loans for gold options are available at the lowest gold loan interest rates compared to other forms of loans. The actual interest rate on gold loans differs with the lender and the different schemes they offer.

Comparing different lenders and their interest rate on gold is the most effective way to find the best option for you. Manappuram Finance offers you the most appealing immediate loan deals. Generally, the interest rate on gold loans is between 7% and 18% across diverse money lenders.

In a gold lending firm, there are processing costs, prepayment charges, renewal fees, and a variety of other fees that will be charged depending on the duration and schemes you pick alongside gold loan interest. Many financial institutions impose a set service fee regardless of the size of the money they are lending.

You may be billed prepayment fees if you retu the borrowed money before the agreed-upon loan duration. Besides, you will also be billed with a renewal fee if you desire to extend your loan timeline after your repayment period of principal amount and the gold interest rate has expired.

In a loan against gold interest rate, you can get up to 75% or more of the total value of your gold, depending on the lender. There is a limit in gold loan rate per gram for every money lender that they will never surpass while approving a loan to the borrower.

How to apply for an instant gold loan?

It is easy to get instant money for the amount of gold you have with Manappuram Finance at the lowest gold loan interest rate. Follow the steps below to get the best value for your gold from us.

You can enquire about the interest rate on gold loans at the nearest Manappuram Finance branch where our customer service is always ready to answer your doubts and help you get the best value for your gold jewellery.

Our helpline representative will help you with the information about the loan's characteristics, gold interest rate, gold loan rate per gram, and additional fees, among other things.
Before actually opting for a loan scheme with the lowest gold loan interest rates, we can help you compare all of the benefits of different gold loan packages from different providers. This way you will be able to make the best decision for yourself.

Whenever you choose to move further, you can apply for a loan and have your gold appraised by our expert. The gold will be evaluated for purity for further documentation procedures.
After the evaluation and confirmation of the gold quality, the experts will tell you the total amount of money you are eligible for after calculating it with the gold loan rate per gram they offer.
Your bank account will be credited with the cash without much delay when you provide the relevant documentation and agree to the repayment terms.

While you have a pressing need for cash or only require a little amount of money for a short period, a loan against the gold interest rate may be the best alteative. It can save you a lot of money on interest and gives you a lot of options for repayment together with or without the interest rate on gold loan arrangement you choose.

These elements make it easier for entrepreneurs who are having financial difficulties. Nevertheless, you must only seek out a loan for your gold only if you have great economic control, else you lose your costly gold unless you do make your Instalments on schedule or do not retu the credit.

Frequently Asked Questions on using Gold Jewellery for Instant Loan

For a little more information on taking a loan with your gold oaments when in need, read the following FAQ session.

Why is a loan against the gold interest rate better than personal loans?

When compared to personal loans, gold credit at the lowest gold loan interest rate is advantageous for a variety of reasons, including simple and quick procedures, as well as fewer commitments and documents. All you need is the gold in your hand instead of a personal loan system, which requires you to have your entire credit history and other essential paperwork on hand, and even then, you may not be able to receive enough money to meet your demands.

Do the lenders keep the gold in its same physical state as we provided during the loan procedures?

Yes, a reliable lender with an instant loan for the gold option will keep all the gold you provided during the procedures in its exact physical state. Nothing will be done with your gold until you take it back after repaying the money and the interest rate on gold loan arrangement you choose.

Is there any maximum limit on getting money for the lowest gold interest rate?

Most lenders never put a maximum limit when it comes to lending money on gold loans. You can get the agreed percentage of whatever amount of gold you have from the lender if they are okay with it. However, the interest rate on gold loan will be solely a decision of the lender you borrow money from.

Where can I get money for my gold other than through banks?

You can get money regarding the gold loan rate per gram from NBFCs (Non-Banking Financial Company) other than banks. The gold interest rate and extra requirements of availing of the loan might change according to the NBFC’s preferences.

Can anyone from any financial background get paid with the lowest gold loan interest rate?

Yes, there are no specific requirements about the financial background of the borrower when providing a gold credit considering the gold loan rate per gram. However, the lenders will ask for the salary proof and income evidence of the borrower to ensure the ability of the individual to retu the money along with the gold loan interest and take back the gold.

What if anything happens to the gold I provided for the loan?

There is no chance of anything happening to the gold you provide to the lender when they are keeping it safe in the locker of a bank. If anything happens to your gold, the whole responsibility will be on the lender and you will be compensated in the best and most favourable way.

What documents are needed to get a loan against the gold interest rate?

After completing the eligibility criteria, all you have to do is to provide the KYC details and documents as proof of your identity.

How is the amount of cash and the gold loan interest calculated?

The gold loan rate per gram is determined by the fineness and volume of gold as well as the present value of gold in the market. The interest rate on gold loans is then computed using a variety of parameters such as the amount borrowed, loan duration, lender association, and more.

In which all ways can I repay the money and the gold loan interest?

Monthly EMIs, which contain both the principal and interest rate on gold loans, can be used to repay the loan. You can alteatively pay simply the monthly interest on the credit as an EMI, and the principal amount can be fully reimbursed when the loan matures.

How long it will take for the lowest gold loan interest rate to be approved?

In India, approval of a loan for your gold is the fastest of all the loan options available throughout banks and other financial lending firms. The loan amount will be credited into your bank account within 24 to 48 hours after the application procedures and documentation.

Is there any standard tenure for money acquired with oaments at a gold loan interest?

Numerous banks and NBFCs provide a 12-month bullet plan that may be extended for a further 24 months with identical loan paperwork when the consumer submits a renewal letter of request. However, the renewal might cost you extra money due to the lender’s requirements you borrowed money.

Is there a need for a co-applicant to get a loan for gold?

o, there is no need for any co-applicant when it comes to getting a loan against gold from any of the banks and NBFCs available across India. Although, this might change with the requirements of the lender

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