Security charges ranges from Rs.15 to Rs.95 based on the loan amount except in branches of Kerala, Tamilnadu, Pondicherry, Telangana, Andrapradesh and Karnataka as mentioned below;

Pledge AmountSecurity Charges
Up to 10000No Charges
>10000 to 50000Rs.15
>50000 to 1 LakhRs.30
> 1 Lakh to 1.5 LacRs.45
> 1.5 Lac to 2 LacRs.60
> 2 Lac to 5 LacRs.75
Above 5 LacRs.95


Auction Charges ranges from Rs.500 to 1000 based on the loan amount as mentioned below.

  Loan Amount                             

1 - 2 Lakh
                   2Lakh & Above
Printing & Stationary50100150
Advertisement Charges150150150
Charges paid to auctioneer255050
Expense incurred for sorting,litting,and other auction related work150250425
Total Auction ChargesRs.500Rs.750Rs.1000


 Gold Processing Charge
 At the time of Loan Settlement Rs. 10/- * (Rupees Ten only)
Additional Processing Fee on Repledge0.007%* of New Pledge Value(GST Extra)
Penal charges3% p.a. after loan tenure
  • Ordinary and Registered letter charges are Rs.10/- and Rs.50/- Respectively. 
  • Cheque sending charge to auction surplus customers is Rs.50/-
  • Delivery of statement of account - Nil within 30 days of closure.
                                                           Rs.25/- after 30 days of closure.
  • Form K settlement charges - Rs.75/- for first instance.
                                                   Rs.100/- for Subsequent instance.

Stamp duty is being collected in Rajasthan and Karnataka states for fresh pledge is as

State / Loan AmountStamp Duty

0.25% of the loan amount + applicable Surcharge

Karnataka : 1 Lakhs to 10 Lakhs

0.10% of the loan amount

Karnataka : Above 10 Lakhs

0.20% of the loan amount