Manappuram Finance Ltd Unveils Innovative ‘Make Life Easy With Doorstep Gold Loan’ Campaign To Revolutionize Gold Loan Accessibility Nationwide

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Manappuram Finance Ltd, a pioneering leader in loan against gold services, proudly announces the launch of its ground-breaking advertising campaign, ‘Make Life Easy With Doorstep Gold Loan’, showcasing its innovative and user-friendly product. The campaign, which is being premiered across social media and prominent television networks, aims to revolutionize the accessibility of gold loans among diverse audiences nationwide. With an extensive reach across ten languages including Malayalam, Assamese, Bengali, Hindi, Kannada, Marathi, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, and Gujarati, the ad film reaches out to a diverse range of users.


Breaking away from conventional celebrity endorsements, the campaign features ordinary individuals, resonating with the experiences of common men and women in need of financial assistance. It begins with a poignant rephrasing of the company’s iconic punchline, “Why run helter-skelter for money when you have gold at home,” highlighting the untapped potential of gold assets.

The advertisement vividly portrays the frustrations of those seeking financial aid but facing hurdles in securing loans. It emphasizes the simplicity and convenience of accessing the Manappuram Doorstep Gold Loan through either the dedicated mobile app or a toll-free number. Upon initiating a request through these channels, a representative from the nearest branch promptly visits the applicant’s home, ensuring swift processing of loan formalities within minutes.

Mr. VP Nandakumar, Managing Director and CEO of Manappuram Finance Ltd, said, “The core theme of the ad derives from our commitment to digital connectivity, operational agility, and smooth customer experience. This campaign underscores our dedication to facilitating quick disbursal of funds and providing financial solutions tailored to the modern lifestyle.”

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