Manappuram's  Personal Loan(Secured) offers fast processing of your loan.  Personal Loans(Secured) is a product that can be used for a variety of purposes! For instance, it can be used when you are planning to renovate your home or arrange a dream wedding for yourself or somebody special in the family. Now you need not postpone the items on your bucket list!

You can now get a  Personal Loan(Secured) from Rs. 100,000 to Rs 50,00,000 with minimal documentation and speedy approval from Manappuram Finance Limited.

Why Select Manappuram Property Loan — Personal Loan(Secured)?

Why Select Manappuram Property Loan — Personal Loan(Secured)?
  • Loan Sanction within 48 Hrs.*
  • Lowest Interest rates
  • Minimal Documentation and Charges
  • The quick approval process of  Personal Loans(Secured) from Manappuram Finance Limited ensures that you have a smooth borrowing experience
  • Doorstep Loan facility available
  • EMI date flexible
  • No Extra Charges for valuation and legal scrutiny (Below 7 lac)
  • Loan Amount 1,00,000 to 50 lac
  • We give you the flexibility to choose the loan tenure. You can apply for a loan from 24 to 240 months
  • Insurance facility is available

Our Products

1. Personal loan(Secured) – Property Loan*(SPL)

  • Loan up to 50 lakhs.
  • Lower Interest rate (12%Onwards*)
  • Tenure - 12 Months to 240 months
  • Flexible EMI
  • All Private & Govt. salaried
  • employees & business profiles eligible
  • Minimum documentation
  • Low processing fee
  • Doorstep service available
  • Loan insurance facility available

2. Spl-Instant Property Loan*(Ipl)

  • Loan sanction within 48 hours
  • Eligible profile -all daily wages people
  • & Self employed profile
  • No income proof required
  • Loan up to Rs 3 lac
  • Low interest rates and flexible EMI facility
  • Insurance facility available

3. SPL-Spot Property Loan

  • SPL-Spot property loans require only original property title documents. *
  • No Mortgage of Deposit of Title (MODT) is necessary for loan
  • Loan Upto 5 Lakhs Available

4. Spl- Sthree Shakthi Property Loan*(Sspl)

  • Eligible Profile - All women customers(Salaried & Business)
  • Loan Up to Rs 10 lac
  • Lower interest rate
  • Flexible EMI
  • Minimum documentation
  • Loan Insurance facility available

5. SPL-Double Property Loan

  • Bureau score of applicants or co-obligants is not a criteria for loan eligibility.
  • Collateral is Self-occupied residential property;
  • Co-Obligant also should own separate property other than the collateral offered for loan
  • Upto 5 Lakhs Loan Available

6. Balance Transfer with top up loan*(SPL BT–Property Loan)

  • Take Over Facility available with lower interest rate and and top-up loan amount.
  • Minimum documentation

How to Apply

How to Apply


EMI based, NACH, Post-dated Cheques, Online Payment and also through all the gold loan branches of Manappuram Finance Limited.

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